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My friend the cauliflower.

Do you know that cauliflower can be orange, green, white or PURPLE?

I know you're thinking, what does this lady think I am going to do with a PURPLE cauliflower?

Keep reading because I think you're going to enjoy it! Remember this is a journey of learning to enjoy healthy foods and try new things. This can be fun for both of us.

Truth be known my child ate cauliflower at a much earlier age than I did. As a pediatrician, I understood how important it was for her to eat healthy foods and I only had one child at the time so I really focused on her nutrition! It wasn't until she was about 4 years old that I ever tried it myself because at some point I knew I had to set the example. Because I knew cheese could cover anything, the first time I tried cauliflower it was smothered in béchamel sauce. To my surprise, it was good! I had overcome my fear of cauliflower.

But every caulfi true love story has its ups and downs and currently my youngest child does not like it if I serve it whole, but he will choose to eat it to "earn" his ipad time for the day.

Remember, as we mentioned before, you never want to force feed kids because eating should be fun! (And forcing kids to eat can cause food aversions.)

Whole Foods has some great recipes to begin your family's cauliflower adventure called Crazy for Cauliflower .

So post your pictures, recipes, and FUN!!!

Enjoy the journey this week!

Your cauliflower loving Pediatrician.

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