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September 8, 2017

We all need quick, easy food because most moms are now Uber drivers for their kids.  We all know that the food we succumb to is not the healthiest but let's face it, it is hard to find healthy food choices between soccer, football, band or whatever else is your child’s life.

So how do you eat healthy while eating out?  Is it possible?

Yes!  It is possible and it is small changes that can be more impactful in these decisions.

Step one:  Start thinking before you’re in the crunch what your options are for healthy choices.

Step two:  Think about their kid's meals, do they OFFER veggies and fruits?  I am not talking about CANNED or SWEETENED fruit.  I am talking about fruit you would buy at the...

July 31, 2017

Do you know that cauliflower can be orange, green, white or PURPLE?

I know you're thinking, what does this lady think I am going to do with a PURPLE cauliflower?

Keep reading because I think you're going to enjoy it!  Remember this is a journey of learning to enjoy healthy foods and try new things.  This can be fun for both of us.

Truth be known my child ate cauliflower at a much earlier age than I did.  As a pediatrician, I understood how important it was for her to eat healthy foods and I only had one child at the time so I really focused on her nutrition!  It wasn't until she was about 4 years old that I ever tried it myself because at some point I knew I had to set the example.  Bec...

July 24, 2017

Plant something!

Yes, I know ugh!  Who has time to have a garden?  Is there not enough mommy guilt?

Let me be the first to say that I DON'T!  I wish I could say I have a beautiful flourishing garden growing in my backyard and my kids eat fresh every day, but we don't.  I am not suggesting you do that either (unless of course you wanted to).   

I am saying plant some of the seeds from the fruits and veggies that you are buying.  It is easy and important.  When your children are involved with the process of planting the seeds and watching them grow a plant, their interest is sparked.  They will want to taste what they have created.  They will try new food items easier just...

July 12, 2017

It makes sense.  Our bodies are mostly water anyways.  Our bodies are not made up of juices or sodas!  Although at one point I would have thought mine was made up of pure sugar and I know my nurses would have agreed!  It was hard for me to make the switch.  

A little juice history: 

Juice used to be recommended a long time ago in the world of pediatrics; but as we learn more about things our opinions tend to evolve.  Juice was actually promoted as early as 4 month's not too long ago and even sometimes still recommended by WIC, but we have since learned the health implications of doing so.  Therefore juice is no longer recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatric...

June 26, 2017

How did it go?  Did your kids try it?  Did you try something new?

Did you stay around the perimeter of the store? 

Have you talked about the veggies every day?  

Today we are going to encourage you to eat one veggie every day for the next week.  It can be the same veggie cooked different ways or it can be a different one daily.  I say do what is easy and familiar to you and your children in the beginning because it is a time saver and kids like consistency.

I will go through how I plan for the week with one veggie and we will use sweet potatoes to start.

Sweet potatoes can mimic the fries we are all used to and because most kids like them it is to easy transition into healthier eati...

June 19, 2017

So how do you eat healthy?  Not a diet but truly have a healthy life where you will be there for your kids when you get older.  How do you inspire your children to eat healthy in today's society? 

We will take a journey together to do this. 

We will shift our thinking to make different decisions daily by making small changes in our choices.  These small changes together will make big impacts on you and your family's health.  This is not a diet.  This is not a fad but a lifestyle change.  

Every blog you will get on assignment.

Today your assignment is for your next trip to the store:

Try to start looking at the perimeter of the store and find a way to admire the fruits...

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July 24, 2017

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