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One little veggie many many ways!

How did it go? Did your kids try it? Did you try something new?

Did you stay around the perimeter of the store?

Have you talked about the veggies every day?

Today we are going to encourage you to eat one veggie every day for the next week. It can be the same veggie cooked different ways or it can be a different one daily. I say do what is easy and familiar to you and your children in the beginning because it is a time saver and kids like consistency.

I will go through how I plan for the week with one veggie and we will use sweet potatoes to start.

Sweet potatoes can mimic the fries we are all used to and because most kids like them it is to easy transition into healthier eating. (Except these will be in the oven with sweet potatoes.)

Whole Foods is my favorite store in the universe.. (even though we don't have one!) So, I will use their recipe. Feel free to own it and change it up so that it works for your family:

Other easy fast things this week for sweet potatoes are:

Steam them in the Instapot. It is quick and easy and sweet potatoes freeze easily so I always make extra so it is less work overall.

For Saturday mornings (or when I have time to make pancakes...) I make orange pancakes and take the left over steamed sweet potatoes and puree them and put them in the pancake batter mix. If your worried they will not eat them I let them put sprinkles in the batter so they are polkadot and orange. This way you actually get a veggie for breakfast! If you throw the left over plain steamed sweet potatoes in the blender then it is usually pretty quick.

There are many other involved recipes for sweet potatoes but these are my go to easy things to add some quick veggies to our diet with minimal work. So please feel free to try new recipes and share them with us! We would like to hear your successes and struggles because we want everyone to enjoy the health they deserve.

If this week didn't go well don't get discouraged! Today there are many options and just by talking about healthier choices you have already been a success. Feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to help!

And remember no force feeding, it doesn't work with kids!!

Look forward to hearing from you!

What will be your veggie this week?

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