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It all begins with one little veggie.

So how do you eat healthy? Not a diet but truly have a healthy life where you will be there for your kids when you get older. How do you inspire your children to eat healthy in today's society?

We will take a journey together to do this.

We will shift our thinking to make different decisions daily by making small changes in our choices. These small changes together will make big impacts on you and your family's health. This is not a diet. This is not a fad but a lifestyle change.

Every blog you will get on assignment.

Today your assignment is for your next trip to the store:

Try to start looking at the perimeter of the store and find a way to admire the fruits and veggies section.

With Kids:

Take your kids and ask them which one they would like? If they are young, then colorful food can be a win. Give them time to pick them up and find one that they are willing to just try because if they choose it you wont have a battle at home. (And on a side note you never want to force your children to eat anything.) If they get it at the store and you get it home and change their mind that is ok too. Sometimes just getting it on their plate and yours on a consistent basis is a win, so learn to celebrate your successes. Use encouragement. Kids usually respond well to empowerment.

Use age appropriate incentives for healthy eating. Remember your trying to inspire them to think about this.

Start saying routinely: 3 veggies and 2 fruits every day keeps us healthier. Have them ask Siri for veggie cooking videos. Even if the first step in your house is talking about it for the first month that is a success too! There are many sources for recipes on line for your own creativity because remember your not just trying to force yourself to eat it but your trying to find one that you and your family are open to trying. Then go to our Facebook page and let us know how it worked out for you or if your having difficulty then please ask your questions about your journey of healthy eating.

Without Kids:

Sometimes this is harder, because we are not responsible for shaping another life. So firstly I would say find JOY in one veggie. Go to the store walk around the perimeter and find something that inspires you. You want your diet to be the best because what you put in that is what you get out. So find the FUN in the veggies! Yes I really said they could be fun! You will surprise yourself.

Take away points:

Eat one veggie this week

Talk about veggies

Find healthy recipes

Be inspired!

Tell us about it!

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